Using Keynote with Zoom

If you are using Keynote with Zoom and want to have nice things like the presenter display as well as the list of participants and the chat window on view a the same time you can:

1. Have two displays in use and set as an extended desktop
2. Open your Keynote presentation but don’t play yet
3. Start Zoom meeting
4. Connect to your Zoom meeting using a 2nd device – an iPhone or iPad is fine (watch out for feedback!)
5. In Zoom, Share Screen and select your Keynote presentation
6. In Zoom, click Participants and More… Chat to get floating windows for these functions as needed
7. Play your Keynote presentation
8. Check what is visible on your other device, if it is the presenter display switch slideshow and presenter display using the shortcut “x”
9. Customise presenter display to leave space for those floating windows from 5)
10. Admit your participants from the waiting room

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